The business growth journey – a once in a lifetime adventure

If you are serious about growing your organisation then you should lead your people on an inspirational journey.

Why? – Because people love journeys. Journeys are a part of all of us. We spend most of our lives on a journey to somewhere, whether a change of location, a career path, even a new relationship.

We start out dreaming of the future, full of hope and ambition. We set off into the unknown with fear and excitement, facing challenges, unforeseen events and surprising interventions. We experience despair, frustration and the odd disaster along the way, but we pick ourselves up and overcome the most difficult hurdles. We celebrate key milestones and dine out on reaching seemingly impossible goals.

Is that life or business? The answer is either.

The business growth journey is no different to any other life journey, and is just as rewarding.

However, very few business leaders view the workplace experience in the context of a journey. The day-to-day pressures of managing the organisation can get in the way of thinking of work as anything other than an intense process of actions, activities and decisions. More’s the pity.

Every leader I have ever met dreams of building a successful and growing organisation. Likewise, employees dream of being part of a successful and growing organisation.

Pursuing that dream should be seen as an adventure for everyone connected with the business. The journey to achieving sustainable business growth should be lived and enjoyed by all, including suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Purpose and a sense of belonging are important to everyone in every organisation. They make the difference between people merely going through the motions in the workplace or giving their all. With everybody feeling a connection to the business growth journey, morale improves, productivity increases, efficiency improves, retention rates remain high.

The feeling of connection and the sense of adventure creates levels of commitment and performance impossible to achieve otherwise.

Planning and preparation is important to its success

An inspirational journey should have a starting point, a reason for embarking on it, a destination and a series of events and circumstances which will conspire to deliver a memorable experience for those who participate.

The journey should have milestones – inspirational stop-offs – along the way. It should have opportunities to rest, refresh and enjoy success. Imagery should be used to support each individual’s memory bank and at the same time encourage others to sign up and reach the end destination.

But above all else, the journey should be viewed as an adventure – a once in a lifetime experience.

Without the sense of adventure, work and the workplace become meaningless.  A job to many becomes just a job. Worse than that it becomes a chore. Morale suffers. Stress increases. Productivity decreases. Efficiency drops. Attrition goes through the roof. Everyone suffers and no one feels it more than the leader.

And it doesn’t need to be like this.

All it needs is a change in mindset, a change in thinking, a change in how leaders view the world of work and how the goals and aspirations of your organisation will be achieved.

Think adventure, think experience, think challenge, think reward, think destination. Above all else think journey.

Best wishes on your business growth journey, wherever it may take you.

John Stein – Founder of the winning (formula)®


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