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Attending a personal time management seminar is only part of the solution

Maximising use of time in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders, managers and their teams in any growing organisation. Time is our most important asset and we all agree that we would dearly love to have more of it. Poor time management impacts on every aspect of our working lives and contributes to lower productivity, efficiency and morale. But it doesn’t need to be like this. Time management means different things to different people. To some, it refers to a range of skills, tools, approaches and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects [...]

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The difference between a goal and an objective

Goals and objectives are very much part of the language of work. They are critical to organisational success. Without them your company would lack direction and focus. This would impact on the performance of everyone connected with the business. They form part of the appraisal and performance-review process in most organisations. Goals and objectives are important to employees. Their training, development, support and future career prospects can be dependent on them. Goals and objectives impact on morale and overall job satisfaction. In the workplace, it is easy to confuse the words ‘goals’ with ‘objectives’. There is a difference and recognising [...]

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Leadership fire-extinguishers don’t work in a growing business

Steering an organisation on its unique growth journey is one of the biggest personal challenges facing all leaders. Although the end goal, the destination may stay the same, the conditions experienced on the journey will be different within six months, and different again within a year. Why? Because internal and external issues and events will constantly change the commercial landscape in which the organisation operates in. Think of your own organisation or any business for that matter and consider the number and variety of issues facing leaders and managers on a daily basis. Internally, recruiting and retaining talent is important. Engaging [...]

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Six popular guiding principles for large group organisations

Culture and values are the two most common terms used by fast growing organisations to describe the behaviours required by employees to perform on the business growth journey. Many other organisations prefer to use the term ‘guiding principles’. There is a difference. Culture is often described ‘as the way we do things around here’ – simply put it refers to a broad range of behaviours expected of each individual in the business e.g. treating colleagues and others with respect at all times. Values describe the ‘personality of an organisation’ and usually can be summarised by two or three words e.g. [...]

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Risk-Free Self Employment – an Impossible Dream?

Going it alone in business is not a decision you make overnight. That said, many former senior managers, HR and sales personnel are now passing on their experience and transferable skills as self-employed business consultants. When you’re ready to make the jump into self-employment, a tried-and-tested business model is the best route to success and long-term prosperity. Working on your own isn’t risk-free. But working with someone who’s already ironed out the mistakes can be much more appealing.

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