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Attending a personal time management seminar is only part of the solution

Maximising use of time in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders, managers and their teams in any growing organisation. Time is our most important asset and we all agree that we would dearly love to have more of it. Poor time management impacts on every aspect of our working lives and contributes to lower productivity, efficiency and morale. But it doesn’t need to be like this. Time management means different things to different people. To some, it refers to a range of skills, tools, approaches and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects [...]

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How would you describe your team meeting experience?

If there is one aspect of working life that is a mixed blessing, then it is surely meetings. Yet so much time is spent in them, and many of them become unconstructive. Meetings are of course an important part of organisational communication, consultation, debate and decision making. We need them, colleagues attending need them and we need to get the best from them. The meeting should be an inspiring and motivational experience for everyone attending. If not it has been a waste of time, resources and money. Consider the cost I have never been able to understand why many of [...]

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The confusion that exists in the workplace regarding the ‘motivation of others’

‘How to motivate others’ is the most popular development topic requested by managers and leaders in any organisation anywhere in the world. It’s not surprising. There is a direct link between the motivation level of individuals and their day-to-day personal performance. A highly motivated workforce will improve productivity, efficiency and deliver positive results. A de-motivated workforce, however, will contribute towards poor customer service, a lack of innovation and a lack of team spirit between colleagues and others. Fluctuations in morale will result in inconsistent performance. The psychology of motivation is complex – what motivates one individual will not necessarily motivate [...]

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Why performance appraisals fail from the outset

A large part of your job as a manager involves getting other people to do things that you cannot do. Performance management is intended to help you plan and control the process of managing your people so that they do what you want them to do well. Many public and private sector organisations have formal systems for appraising employees, which usually involves meetings between a manager and colleague that take place once or twice a year and a record being kept of them. However, growing organisations see the need to adopt a more informal approach, in which the manager is [...]

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A safe strategy for teambuilding in the workplace

Effective teambuilding and team-working are vitally important to the success of any organisation on the business growth journey. In today’s competitive marketplace team-working creates business development momentum, increases personal contribution and accelerates growth. Team-working also enables a greater ‘sense of purpose’ to be achieved when facing challenges on the growth journey. Teambuilding describes the process of improving team performance by developing the team-working skills of individuals in the team. The teambuilding function is normally carried out by the team leader. The aim of teambuilding (and of the team leader) is to help people who work together to function more effectively [...]

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Fifteen tips designed to improve your presentation skills performance

More and more leaders and managers at some time on the business growth journey will be asked, invited or gently persuaded to give a talk or make a presentation to a group of colleagues or others. Presenting is one of the most powerful forms of persuasion available to leaders and managers and anyone can learn to do it well. Knowing your topic, structuring the presentation correctly and looking the part contribute to great presentations. Many professionals attend presentation skills courses and use video playback facilities to support their development focus. Over time they become proficient and from my personal experience [...]

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How to use the ‘brainstorming’ technique to solve problems

Innovation has become an important cultural requirement for all ambitious, forward-thinking organisations. Problem solving forms part of the innovation process. Problem solving involves the use of analytical and creative thinking skills. Leaders of many organisations on the business growth journey consider problem solving as a core skill of the high-performing manager. Major performance benefits are realised when applied across the organisation, particularly in areas linked to customer service, operational efficiency and product quality. Other benefits include a saving in time, money and resources. In my opinion problem solving should be a core skill of all employees – not just the [...]

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Effective decision making in the workplace

Thousands of decisions are made by people in your organisation each day. Many are simple and may take only a few moments or minutes to make. Other decisions though are complex in nature and instead may take hours or days to reach. One thing is common though, each decision made will have an impact on the behaviour, activity and morale of others in the workplace. Decision making is part and parcel of work; often it is taken for granted by the people who make decisions and the individuals affected by them. Outside work, decision making also forms part of our [...]

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The twelve causes of conflict in the workplace

One of the most important development areas requested by managers in our client coaching sessions is managing conflict in the workplace. It’s not difficult to understand the reasons for this, as all managers at some time in their career will be required to handle and manage conflict issues linked to individuals and teams. Managing conflict in the workplace is considered nowadays an important core skill of the high-performing manager. Understanding the causes and the reasons why conflict exists is vitally important to being successful in the role. Conflicts are part of normal everyday life; too few, and life is boring, [...]

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Inter-departmental working – the business ‘silent-killer’

Ambitious leaders understand that business growth is impossible to achieve on the journey without personal growth for the many employees expected to deliver performance on a daily basis. As sales and profits increase, so does the standards of knowledge, skill and competence linked to every role in the workplace. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, high performance working has become a cultural expectation within any fast growing organisation. Linking high performance working to achieving operational efficiency is also a primary requirement of leaders and their teams in any successful growing company. But it isn’t easy to realise and one of the [...]

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