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A safe strategy for teambuilding in the workplace

Effective teambuilding and team-working are vitally important to the success of any organisation on the business growth journey. In today’s competitive marketplace team-working creates business development momentum, increases personal contribution and accelerates growth. Team-working also enables a greater ‘sense of purpose’ to be achieved when facing challenges on the growth journey. Teambuilding describes the process of improving team performance by developing the team-working skills of individuals in the team. The teambuilding function is normally carried out by the team leader. The aim of teambuilding (and of the team leader) is to help people who work together to function more effectively [...]

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How to develop a high-performing culture in a growing organisation

Think of any successful organisation and you will find that ‘high-performance working’ is central to its success. Their achievements will not have happened by accident. Throughout every layer of the organisation you will experience a different attitude and approach to work than that found in organisations which struggle to survive. High-performance working relates directly to the achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives. There are many examples of the most talented individuals and organisations achieving results beyond their expectations because of their focus on performance. High-performance working helps to achieve competitive advantage in many business sectors. It also contributes to [...]

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The difference between a goal and an objective

Goals and objectives are very much part of the language of work. They are critical to organisational success. Without them your company would lack direction and focus. This would impact on the performance of everyone connected with the business. They form part of the appraisal and performance-review process in most organisations. Goals and objectives are important to employees. Their training, development, support and future career prospects can be dependent on them. Goals and objectives impact on morale and overall job satisfaction. In the workplace, it is easy to confuse the words ‘goals’ with ‘objectives’. There is a difference and recognising [...]

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Core values – how would you define the personality of your organisation?

Employees in growing organisations often ask me to explain the meaning of ‘core values’ and their importance in the commercial world. Core values are equally as important as the development of an organisation’s vision on the business growth journey. Without either of them, success would be near impossible to achieve. I often describe core values as the glue that keeps the organisation together particularly important when leaders are recruiting new people as they grow and expand on the journey. In simplistic terms, core values best describe the ‘personality and character’ of an organisation. Taken from the culture that exists within [...]

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Six popular guiding principles for large group organisations

Culture and values are the two most common terms used by fast growing organisations to describe the behaviours required by employees to perform on the business growth journey. Many other organisations prefer to use the term ‘guiding principles’. There is a difference. Culture is often described ‘as the way we do things around here’ – simply put it refers to a broad range of behaviours expected of each individual in the business e.g. treating colleagues and others with respect at all times. Values describe the ‘personality of an organisation’ and usually can be summarised by two or three words e.g. [...]

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Inter-departmental working – the business ‘silent-killer’

Ambitious leaders understand that business growth is impossible to achieve on the journey without personal growth for the many employees expected to deliver performance on a daily basis. As sales and profits increase, so does the standards of knowledge, skill and competence linked to every role in the workplace. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, high performance working has become a cultural expectation within any fast growing organisation. Linking high performance working to achieving operational efficiency is also a primary requirement of leaders and their teams in any successful growing company. But it isn’t easy to realise and one of the [...]

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How to maintain a team identity in a virtual team

Virtual teams are split by distance. Parts of the team are located on different sites in various parts of the country (or countries). Therefore loyalty and commitment is often to the site team and not to the bigger team. This can be to the detriment to the overall team performance – often resources and best practice are not shared, there is petty rivalry between sites and the “big picture” relating to what the team is in existence to achieve is not understood. This situation creates a big challenge for the virtual manager. To maintain a team identity in a virtual [...]

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The CIPD report on the future of leadership development

It’s strange how in the world of business you can plough a furrowed field – often alone – for which seems like an eternity and all of a sudden you are surrounded by people who understand what you are up to, why you are doing it and are happy to announce the merits of your activity to the world. Well that is what it feels like at the moment with regard to our winning (formula)® framework. This week our framework and approach used to develop client leaders in the workplace has been given the thumbs up by no less an [...]

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Stage 4 of the London 2012 Olympic journey – making it happen

During the previous three stages of the London 2012 Olympic journey, we looked at convincing people why they should start the journey, identifying the challenges, plotting a route map to navigate the path, and using cultural architects to help keep people engaged. Now we are at the business end. It’s time for the hard work to start. We have put everything in place and now we have to perform. And that can only be done if leaders can create the right climate – a climate in which all participants are motivated and able to perform at their very best. This [...]

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