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Great Founders – Lessons learned from Mark Boddington of Silverlining Furniture

Mark Boddington is the founder and driving force behind Silverlining – the world’s leading luxury furniture making brand. You may not have heard of Silverlining – don’t be disappointed if you haven’t – their unique design and build proposition is rarely if ever purchased by anyone other than the super-rich. Their world-wide customer base is confidential – many of their clients have been with them for a decade and more – and includes billionaire entrepreneurs, Russian oligarchs, financiers and royalty. You are likely to come into contact with a bespoke piece of Silverlining furniture in a private residence, super yacht, embassy or [...]

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Ten factors which differentiate the Great Founder from others

I have had the rare privilege to work with many founders – some at the beginning of their journey – and take it from me; it’s not easy being a founder. They experience more emotional highs and lows in the commercial world than any other group of leaders. Chief Executives may feel that they carry a huge burden and responsibility with them when asked to lead large corporate organisations, but the pressures involved are different and less. Compensation packages and notice periods available to the corporate leader cushion the fall for many who fail. Founders walk the tightrope each and [...]

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Great founders benefit from the winning (formula)®

It’s not easy to grow a business. As the founder, no one feels the weight of responsibility for the organisation greater than you. Each day your people look to you for leadership and expect you to have the answers to the issues and challenges facing your business, particularly in the current climate. You recognise the value of working on the ‘bigger picture’ and issues important to the long term success of the company, but keeping your people focused on a daily basis on sales revenue, bottom line, service, quality and efficiency matters can drain you of much of your personal [...]

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Business growth journey update – gap personnel

I have been asked recently by a number of business leaders about the success of companies we have worked with in the past and are currently working with at present. There is so much profile information available on the web these days - business success is an industry in its own right – why do people want more? Well one of the main reasons is that information has more meaning to us when we can identify with the leader and the company in our own backyard. Also ambitious leaders want to know - how do others manage to grow? We invited a number of our favourite companies to produce a [...]

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