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Lessons from the Pharaohs – producing a culture statement

The Pyramids, despite the popular misconception to the contrary, were not built by slaves but by highly skilled craftsmen including masons, carpenters, plasterers and painters. Egyptians believed in the pursuit of excellence and were very proud of the quality of their work. Again in contrast to the images depicted by Hollywood filmmakers over the years, a slave system did not exist in Egypt. A form of national service prevailed throughout the kingdom and it was viewed as an honour to work on behalf of the Pharaoh. In matters of Egyptian law, women enjoyed an equal status with men. They were [...]

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How to develop a high-performing culture in a growing organisation

Think of any successful organisation and you will find that ‘high-performance working’ is central to its success. Their achievements will not have happened by accident. Throughout every layer of the organisation you will experience a different attitude and approach to work than that found in organisations which struggle to survive. High-performance working relates directly to the achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives. There are many examples of the most talented individuals and organisations achieving results beyond their expectations because of their focus on performance. High-performance working helps to achieve competitive advantage in many business sectors. It also contributes to [...]

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Obtaining employee commitment to ‘Ownership’ on the business growth journey

Ownership is one of the six important areas of strategic and operational focus included in our winning (formula)® framework. Understanding what is meant by Ownership, the link with the execution of the strategy and the behaviours and activities required to realise the vision for the business form part of the leadership role on the business growth journey. It is linked to the need for consistent contribution from everyone in the business to the plans for growth for the organisation. It also describes the leadership approach to developing personal accountability throughout the workplace. Ownership is an important stage for your organisation on [...]

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The difference between a goal and an objective

Goals and objectives are very much part of the language of work. They are critical to organisational success. Without them your company would lack direction and focus. This would impact on the performance of everyone connected with the business. They form part of the appraisal and performance-review process in most organisations. Goals and objectives are important to employees. Their training, development, support and future career prospects can be dependent on them. Goals and objectives impact on morale and overall job satisfaction. In the workplace, it is easy to confuse the words ‘goals’ with ‘objectives’. There is a difference and recognising [...]

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Core values – how would you define the personality of your organisation?

Employees in growing organisations often ask me to explain the meaning of ‘core values’ and their importance in the commercial world. Core values are equally as important as the development of an organisation’s vision on the business growth journey. Without either of them, success would be near impossible to achieve. I often describe core values as the glue that keeps the organisation together particularly important when leaders are recruiting new people as they grow and expand on the journey. In simplistic terms, core values best describe the ‘personality and character’ of an organisation. Taken from the culture that exists within [...]

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Leadership fire-extinguishers don’t work in a growing business

Steering an organisation on its unique growth journey is one of the biggest personal challenges facing all leaders. Although the end goal, the destination may stay the same, the conditions experienced on the journey will be different within six months, and different again within a year. Why? Because internal and external issues and events will constantly change the commercial landscape in which the organisation operates in. Think of your own organisation or any business for that matter and consider the number and variety of issues facing leaders and managers on a daily basis. Internally, recruiting and retaining talent is important. Engaging [...]

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Six popular guiding principles for large group organisations

Culture and values are the two most common terms used by fast growing organisations to describe the behaviours required by employees to perform on the business growth journey. Many other organisations prefer to use the term ‘guiding principles’. There is a difference. Culture is often described ‘as the way we do things around here’ – simply put it refers to a broad range of behaviours expected of each individual in the business e.g. treating colleagues and others with respect at all times. Values describe the ‘personality of an organisation’ and usually can be summarised by two or three words e.g. [...]

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Culture development and the role of the leader

Leading, managing, developing and sustaining the culture of any organisation is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders on the business growth journey. Growing companies recruit additional personnel and with each new appointment the cultural dynamic can easily change. Culture is the responsibility of everyone in any growing organisation but leaders play a vitally important role in its development. Confusion often exists regarding its meaning ’The way we do things around here‘ is the commonsense definition of culture. It refers to the shared assumptions, beliefs, values and norms of an organisation. Culture is a body of knowledge acquired over time [...]

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Great founders benefit from the winning (formula)®

It’s not easy to grow a business. As the founder, no one feels the weight of responsibility for the organisation greater than you. Each day your people look to you for leadership and expect you to have the answers to the issues and challenges facing your business, particularly in the current climate. You recognise the value of working on the ‘bigger picture’ and issues important to the long term success of the company, but keeping your people focused on a daily basis on sales revenue, bottom line, service, quality and efficiency matters can drain you of much of your personal [...]

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Lessons from the Pharaohs – the importance of the compelling vision

Building the Pharaoh’s Pyramid was not an easy task and we know from research carried out over the last 80 years or so that many of the challenges facing the Pharaohs on their construction journey are similar to those facing leaders on their business growth journey nowadays. Designing and constructing a great Pyramid required high levels of productivity, innovation and a real commitment to quality. Specialist skill sets, use of knowledge, positive attitudes and inspirational leadership would be important on the journey. But how did the great Pharaohs inspire others to support them and more importantly keep everyone focused and [...]

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