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The CIPD report on the future of leadership development

It’s strange how in the world of business you can plough a furrowed field – often alone – for which seems like an eternity and all of a sudden you are surrounded by people who understand what you are up to, why you are doing it and are happy to announce the merits of your activity to the world. Well that is what it feels like at the moment with regard to our winning (formula)® framework. This week our framework and approach used to develop client leaders in the workplace has been given the thumbs up by no less an [...]

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Training in a Downturn – Luxury or Lifeline?

CIPD research recently revealed organisations have cut training budgets by an average of 52 per cent. And this at a time when many employees will jump ship if they get a better offer elsewhere. Therein lies the rub; no business with aspirations to grow can afford to lose good staff, nor can it afford to invest heavily in training.

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