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Great Founders – Lessons learned from Mark Boddington of Silverlining Furniture

Mark Boddington is the founder and driving force behind Silverlining – the world’s leading luxury furniture making brand. You may not have heard of Silverlining – don’t be disappointed if you haven’t – their unique design and build proposition is rarely if ever purchased by anyone other than the super-rich. Their world-wide customer base is confidential – many of their clients have been with them for a decade and more – and includes billionaire entrepreneurs, Russian oligarchs, financiers and royalty. You are likely to come into contact with a bespoke piece of Silverlining furniture in a private residence, super yacht, embassy or [...]

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Ten factors which differentiate the Great Founder from others

I have had the rare privilege to work with many founders – some at the beginning of their journey – and take it from me; it’s not easy being a founder. They experience more emotional highs and lows in the commercial world than any other group of leaders. Chief Executives may feel that they carry a huge burden and responsibility with them when asked to lead large corporate organisations, but the pressures involved are different and less. Compensation packages and notice periods available to the corporate leader cushion the fall for many who fail. Founders walk the tightrope each and [...]

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The characteristics of a 21st century learning organisation

Over the last century we have made huge strides in our knowledge and understanding of so many fields. From the internet to space travel; from cloning and stem cell research to breaking the sound barrier; and from eradicating disease to the greater comprehension of why we behave as we do. All of these leaps were made through advancements in human learning, and never has it been clearer that learning is essential to operate and succeed in the modern world. If we cease to learn and explore, then we stagnate and get left behind. In business today, the value placed on [...]

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Lessons from the Pharaohs – critical success factors linked to strategy

Growth challenges, imperatives, vision, culture, values and objectives form the basis of any business strategy. The approach used in the commercial world of today is similar to that used by the kings and queens of ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. The Pharaoh’s vision to build the perfect pyramid was arguably the most important element of his construction strategy. To people inside and outside the kingdom, his vision statement was the compass, showing the whole world the focus of his people’s endeavours over the lifespan of the journey. In the business world, many people reading or hearing about an organisation’s [...]

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Resistance to change on the business growth journey

Change and business growth are inextricably linked. The business growth journey is one of constant change. You cannot participate in one without experiencing the other. Both journeys constantly challenge those people involved in them at all levels in the business. The steer and strategy for ‘change’ within any growing organisation will come from the directors and senior management team, but the middle managers, supervisors and team leaders will also play a major role in its implementation. It is crucial, therefore, that every member of the management team is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver the new [...]

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Encouraging employees to view the business through the ‘eyes of the owner’

Imagine you are the ‘leader at the top’ in your organisation and you’re standing at a crossroads. You’re wondering precisely how it is you got this far. You’re a long way from the start. You’ve enjoyed the journey so far and you’ve been aware of the direction you’ve been travelling in. Although it all seemed to be a lot simpler when you first started out. You feel the hundred or so pairs of eyes staring at you from behind. They’re waiting for you to make a move. They’re waiting to follow. After all, you’ve brought them this far. But the [...]

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Beware of the Cultural Assassin on the business growth journey

It is fair to state that not everyone in the business will share your ambition for the organisation, particularly at the beginning of the journey when you announce your new and exciting plans for growth. Growth and change are inextricably linked. You cannot have one without the other and for every individual who responds positively to the planned new destination for the business, some will not. A poor attitude to work, previous baggage from another company or a lack of respect for the organisation and everything it stands for can contribute to the one person you don’t want on the [...]

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Lessons from the Pharaohs – producing a culture statement

The Pyramids, despite the popular misconception to the contrary, were not built by slaves but by highly skilled craftsmen including masons, carpenters, plasterers and painters. Egyptians believed in the pursuit of excellence and were very proud of the quality of their work. Again in contrast to the images depicted by Hollywood filmmakers over the years, a slave system did not exist in Egypt. A form of national service prevailed throughout the kingdom and it was viewed as an honour to work on behalf of the Pharaoh. In matters of Egyptian law, women enjoyed an equal status with men. They were [...]

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How to develop a high-performing culture in a growing organisation

Think of any successful organisation and you will find that ‘high-performance working’ is central to its success. Their achievements will not have happened by accident. Throughout every layer of the organisation you will experience a different attitude and approach to work than that found in organisations which struggle to survive. High-performance working relates directly to the achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives. There are many examples of the most talented individuals and organisations achieving results beyond their expectations because of their focus on performance. High-performance working helps to achieve competitive advantage in many business sectors. It also contributes to [...]

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Obtaining employee commitment to ‘Ownership’ on the business growth journey

Ownership is one of the six important areas of strategic and operational focus included in our winning (formula)® framework. Understanding what is meant by Ownership, the link with the execution of the strategy and the behaviours and activities required to realise the vision for the business form part of the leadership role on the business growth journey. It is linked to the need for consistent contribution from everyone in the business to the plans for growth for the organisation. It also describes the leadership approach to developing personal accountability throughout the workplace. Ownership is an important stage for your organisation on [...]

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