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The characteristics of a 21st century learning organisation

Over the last century we have made huge strides in our knowledge and understanding of so many fields. From the internet to space travel; from cloning and stem cell research to breaking the sound barrier; and from eradicating disease to the greater comprehension of why we behave as we do. All of these leaps were made through advancements in human learning, and never has it been clearer that learning is essential to operate and succeed in the modern world. If we cease to learn and explore, then we stagnate and get left behind. In business today, the value placed on [...]

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It’s not easy being a newly appointed manager

On the business growth journey, managers are important to the smooth running of any organisation. In bigger companies, new managers are routinely appointed every day of the week. There are many positive and sometimes negative reasons for a management appointment being made. Some are linked to the structural or operational changes needed in the organisation. Some are linked to vacancies following the resignation of a previous manager. Others can be linked to the removal of an individual as a result of poor performance. Each time there is a new management appointment the team being led are affected and so is [...]

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Risk-Free Self Employment – an Impossible Dream?

Going it alone in business is not a decision you make overnight. That said, many former senior managers, HR and sales personnel are now passing on their experience and transferable skills as self-employed business consultants. When you’re ready to make the jump into self-employment, a tried-and-tested business model is the best route to success and long-term prosperity. Working on your own isn’t risk-free. But working with someone who’s already ironed out the mistakes can be much more appealing.

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