John Stein - Keynote Speaker

John is available as a keynote speaker for your next company conference, management away day or employee focused event.

The  winning (formula)® approach to delivering growth is ideal if you wish to re-energise or re-focus your colleagues at key moments on your unique business growth journey.

John offers a range of inspirational speaker and event solutions linked to the current and future plans for your organisation.

John is acknowledged in the UK as one of the leading experts in the field of personal and business growth. He has helped achieve spectacular performance results with his clients over the past 15 years using his innovative winning (formula)® and BKSM® development models. As a keynote speaker at major company, industry and sector conferences and events, his inspirational and motivational delivery has influenced many managers and business leaders to improve their performance and maximise their potential.

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John's speaker topics include .....
  • The winning (formula)® approach to delivering growth
  • The challenges facing organisations on the business growth journey
  • The role of the high performing leader
  • How to lead and manage change on the journey
  • Aligning organisational strategy to employee performance
  • Obtaining and sustaining high levels of people engagement
  • The art of motivating others
  • How to create a climate of high performance working
  • The competencies required of a top performer
  • Performance coaching in the workplace
  • How to recruiting and retain talent

Bespoke speaker support from John

John offers a bespoke event consultancy and delivery service for business leaders and senior managers. He combines his experience and expertise in planning, managing and delivering conferences, workshops and seminars to enable you to develop and deliver your own special event. The service is flexible and linked to the needs and budget of the client event. It is designed to save valuable time in the workplace, avoid unncessary stress and offer peace of mind prior to and at the event.

John has successfully handled in the past:

  • Chairing of company conferences
  • Production of speaker support material including visual input, slide production and personal notes for speakers participating at their own events
  • Preparation of speakers using technology at theatre and conference venues as part of a client’s dress rehearsal requirements
  • Planning and delivery of teambuilding events and senior management away days
  • Planning and preparation of business pitches, employee initiatives and important strategic presentations

John's venue experience - theatres, hotels, conference centres and stadiums


John is available as a keynote speaker for your next company conference, management away day or employee focused event.


Client Feedback

'Thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Excellent business relevant presentations'

'It inspired me to action when I returned to the office. Absolutely brilliant'

'I was not sure what to expect, but very interesting and very worthwhile'

'Great speaker, relevant content and linked to the real world' 

Hibernian FC Business Event

'First time I had heard about the winning formula - WOW!'

'Informative and interactive, truly inspirational'

'A real wake up call for my business. I should have brought my team'

'So that's how Chess got to £25 million turnover. Thanks John'

Comms Dealer Business Event

'Is John the prodigy of Gerry Robinson? I think we should be told '

'Ive just met the business equivalent of  Billy Connelly'

'If you love the film Pulp Fiction, attend this event. Very cleverly delivered'

'At last, no bull, no jargon, just common sense. Oh and no David Brent'

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