John Stein - Personal Profile

John Stein is the Managing Director of TWF (UK) and founder of the winning (formula)®. He is a champion for business growth and personal success.

He is a leading authority on the human performance challenges facing organisations on the business growth journey.

John is dedicated to helping business leaders develop, execute and achieve their vision.

He is actively involved in the day-to-day running of the winning (formula)® business and personally delivers a number of specialist seminars, workshops and events covering several areas linked to business growth, people motivation, leading change, employee engagement, business development and high performance working.

He also delivers leadership coaching sessions to entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors, and senior managers.

Business leaders describe him as the ultimate professional with a work ethic and passion for his clients’ success unique in the marketplace. He is inspirational, challenging, pragmatic and focused.

John is a skilful practioner with an extensive experience of working with organisations throughout various stages of their business growth journey.

John is committed to sharing the winning (formula)® with other like minded professionals and has recently made it available to other consultants, coaches and trainers.

He has also published his winning (formula)® approach to Business Growth in a book entitled, Old World, New World and the Real World – it is the first book in the UK to be written about ‘growth strategy’ for all employees in any dynamic, successful organisation.

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John's Guiding Principles
  • Every individual and organisation has the potential to be successful
  • Organisations grow and develop when individuals grow and develop
  • Producing truly compelling visions will contribute to achieving spectacular performance results
  • Changing the result will involve changing the individual's mindset and behaviour
  • You dont know what you dont know
  • Learning and personal growth is a journey not a destination
  • To succeed you need to enjoy it and have fun along the way
  • Personal development solutions work best when they are performance focused, pragmatic and inspiring
  • Anything less than a commitment to excellence is a waste of effort 

Personal message from John

My vision is to establish the winning formula as the leading business development approach used by consultants and coaches for ambitious growing organisations in the UK.

Since 1995, the winning formula has enabled many clients to achieve spectacular growth results. It has been used by start-up businesses, small and medium size enterprises and corporate companies to support their plans for growth. It has supported management buy-outs, private equity investment, mergers and aquisitions. 

I am looking for like minded professionals and partners to join me and help realise the vision for the brand. If you are looking for a new and challenging career as a business consultant, performance coach or trainer, then working with the winning formula may be right for you.

Why not give me a call or drop me a line to discuss this unique 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.

Regards and best wishes.


The winning (formula)® brand


Client Feedback

John expects his standard of commitment from those who are capable and as much commitment as possible from everyone. He has exacting standards that will give any growth journey that cutting successful edge in any climate, but especially the tough economic climate we all face.

If you have ever wondered how to convert those 5 yr financial forecasts that you prepared for the bank into clear roadmaps and action plans you and your colleagues can implement, follow, and deliver, then engage John to help you with your Blueprint for Success. I can assure you it transformed the businesses I worked with him on.

Joe Haworth, Financial Director - Spectus Systems

Having worked with John over the last 15 years I have always found his approach and techniques most valuable in the shaping of the cultures of the businesses with which he interacts.

John’s approach is always forthright and pragmatic and he is not afraid of being confrontational and controversial when necessary.

He delivers with humour and sincerity and in a way that gets the message across, to sometimes large groups of people.

Darren Cornwall, Financial Director - Job Worth Doing

John challenges, guides, inspires, he has a deep understand what a fast growth business needs to do to engage and motivate its people.

Whist working with John can at times be uncomfortable for all concerned his passion for his clients success and the outcome is positive experience for all. 

David Pollock, Chief Executive - Chess Telecom