Great founders benefit from the winning (formula)®

It’s not easy to grow a business.

As the founder, no one feels the weight of responsibility for the organisation greater than you. Each day your people look to you for leadership and expect you to have the answers to the issues and challenges facing your business, particularly in the current climate.

You recognise the value of working on the ‘bigger picture’ and issues important to the long term success of the company, but keeping your people focused on a daily basis on sales revenue, bottom line, service, quality and efficiency matters can drain you of much of your personal time and energy.

Getting the vision and strategy right for the business is important. However, delivering the strategy is critical and can be difficult to achieve.

You need your leaders to lead from the front. You need your managers to manage your expectations and that of others. You need operational personnel to function effectively within their job role. You need suppliers and stakeholders to offer more support.

You need everyone to share your vision for the future and more importantly to play their part in making it happen.

That’s where we come in.

Over the past 16 years we have developed a framework which enables you to more effectively align your business plan to the operational requirements of the business.

The framework is called the winning (formula)® and way in which it is applied in the workplace has produced spectacular results for our clients.

It addresses all of the challenges you will face on your business growth journey. It enables your leaders and managers to keep your people focused and on the right track.

The winning (formula)® approach is inspiring, empowering and pragmatic. It is ideal for organisation’s about to embark on a new journey or for one who wishes to energise and refocus their people on their current journey.

And you don’t need to take my word for its effectiveness in the workplace. Many great founders operating throughout the UK have benefited from its use in their organisations.

David Pollock, Chief Executive of leading telecom company Chess plc says ‘

“£20m of growth and many business awards within two and a half years says it all. I regularly recommend TWF’s development approach to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”

Gary Dewhurst, Chief Executive of leading recruitment company Gap Personnel is also supportive of the framework

“TWF have helped and supported us at different stages on our growth journey in the last seven years. We are bang on target for achieving our £50m growth objective and TWF have played an important part in helping us with this”

Rob Crossland, Chief Executive of leading contractor services company Parasol summed it up

“TWF enabled us to plan, refocus and re-energise our people on the next stage of our journey. £250m in three years seems a lot nearer using their winning (formula)® approach.”

Over 1,000 organisations and 100,000 individuals have experienced the unique content, approach and delivery of the winning (formula)®.

Peter O’Brien, Chief Executive of market leading renal care company Fresenius describes the winning (formula)® as ‘a business growth multi-vitamin’ He adds “it does everything you want in one process. It improves operational focus, leadership performance, the management of change, efficiency in the workplace, productivity and morale. More importantly it can be used every single day of the week in any organisation offering structure, focus and direction on what is needed by leaders and others to deliver growth.”

As you can imagine we are immensely proud of the winning (formula)® and would welcome an opportunity to discuss our approach with you at a mutually convenient time.

Why not drop me a line to discuss how it can help you and your people deliver the growth aspirations for your organisation.

Best wishes on your business growth journey, wherever it may take you.

John Stein – Founder of the winning (formula)®


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