John Stein - Business Growth Consultant

John is available as a business growth consultant to leaders and managers of ambitious organisations wishing to reach the next level of growth.

The  winning (formula)® approach to delivering growth focuses on creating high performing organisations led by high performing leaders, managed by high performing managers and supported by high performing employees. Barriers to growth, leadership development, business strategy, organisational change, people engagement and high performance working are some of the areas covered.

John delivers a number of performance solutions in a range of flexible formats including strategy workshops, management away days, 121 personal consultancy sessions, development toolkits and employee focused publications.

John equips leaders and managers with a detailed understanding of the 'human performance' challenges and issues likely to be faced on the business growth journey. He then demonstrates how to inspire, lead and manage others in a growing organisation (an experience unlike any other type of organisation)

 At the last count over £500million worth of sales revenue was achieved as a result of using his winning formula approach to delivering growth.

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Features of John's consultancy approach .....
  • The winning (formula)® is used to maximise the business potential of the client
  • Building a strong relationship with the leadership team is critical to John's approach
  • Copies of 'Real World' are issued to the team to kick start the growth journey
  • Challenges facing the client will be identified at the initial meetings
  • John will research each client in order to understand their business
  • Client will receive a detailed proposal of support from John
  • Each proposal is fixed price based - there are no hidden extras
  • The client is expected to contact John's previous clients prior to a start date
  • John will demonstrate added value
  • There is no need for a contract - a handshake is enough

Awards Programmes from John

John offers a bespoke awards design service for organisations' wishing to improve employee performance by developing a high performing culture.

He has developed a series of reward and recognition programmes designed to focus each person throughout the business on the behaviours, activities and actions required to succeed at the highest level - whether you are a leader or an operational employee.

Each programme supports the culture, values and objectives of the client organisation and at the same time creates a sense of ownership and personal accountability towards high performance working. Other benefits include:

  • Development of new standards of performance
  • Increased engagement to the plans for growth
  • Greater support to any planned 'change'
  • Identification of new talent
  • Retention of existing talent
  • Increased personal and team performance

Client Feedback

I have worked with John for over 12 years through many of my businessses. These have included mobile phone, home improvement, manufacturing, professional sports club, recruitment, administration and outsourcing companies.

Throughout my dealings with John he has always made an indelible mark on all of my companies. He has a unique style of delivery that is both challenging and delivery focused. His work ultimately breaks down into very quantifable barometers of measurement which suits the way I run my companies.

John helped me to grow companies in a structured and accountable manner which ensured that even during rapid growth, we never lost site with who we were and what we stood for.

I would recommend John to any business leader who wants to challenge not only his or her business but also themselves.

Ian Blackhurst, Co-Owner - Sale Sharks Rugby Club

John is has a real ability to translate corporate-speak into clear, simple, chunks of information without losing any of the meaning and impact.

He works tirelessly to understand the broader organisational strategic and cultural contexts. This helps him engage well with stakeholders at all levels and provide communications that are timely and relevant. John is highly focused, flexible and creative.

He challenges and is not put off by status or title, focusing only on performance improvement and delivering strategy.

His personal and professional integrity are clear and unshakeable.

Andrew Green, Head of Performance - Chess Telecom

One of the strongest elements of John's approach is how much effort he puts in to the preparation and his willingness to take on board any specific requirements or input we had. No session ever felt that he wasn't personally fully prepared.

As a character he is incredibly professional but at the same time very pleasurable to work with. He is certainly not  a YES man but at the same time not overly confrontational. 

He treats everyone equally and is not overly focused on senior team members.

Above all, John operates with complete integrity. He has a desire to make sure that he does everything possible and to look back with pride at the work he has carried out.

Robert Rawlinson, Chief Executive - Mocom Group