John Stein - Performance Coach

John is available as a business performance coach to ambitious leaders and managers of growing organisations.

The  winning (formula)® approach to organisational and personal success is ideal if you wish to develop your understanding of the challenges you are likley to encounter on your unique business growth journey. It is also suitable for CEOs, Directors and Entrepreneurs who wish to develop their leadership skills.

John offers a range of flexibe coaching sessions linked to the needs of each organisation and budget.

John has worked with thousands of professionals over the past fifteen years and has experience of working in a broad range of industry sectors. He has an indepth knowledge and understanding of the human performance challenges and issues facing leaders today and transfers this insight to his clients. 

Many of his early clients continue to work with him. The testimonial from Silverlining founder, Mark Boddington summarises John's commitment to growth and success.

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Business and indeed life is about change, learning from one mistakes, gaining knowledge and experience.

Sometimes we have to look ourselves and our businesses in the mirror – John  facilitates this in a very clever way – and with reflection even though we don’t like to admit his views eventually prevail.

Client Feedback

I can say with absolute certainty that John and The Winning Formula was the major catalyst in transforming our business, from a small start-up, to a "proper" business, posting year and year growth in tough climates.

At the time, my business was in its infancy and we were experiencing many challenges that a small businesses can go through; in particular a clear business identity, a strategic vision, an understanding of the culture needed to develop and engage our people. All of which have a significant effect on our success over the last 3 years.

Over the coming years I spent increasing amount of time with John, both at business workshop events and individual one to ones, his input and direction always having a significant positive impact on our success.

Patrick Bell, Managing Director - Genesis

Although we are a market leader we are a small business in terms of manpower and we were wary of hiring the services of a consultant due to the fear of escalating fees and long term committments.

 However, John has been willing to work with us on an ad hoc basis providing regular reviews and his advice has been fundamental to the success and growth of the business. 

 Small businesses often get bogged down in the day to day running and it is reassuring to know that we can call on John’s services for regular reviews of the bigger picture and have complete confidence to act on his advice.

David Hughes, Managing Director - GMM (Volvo in Golf) 

John challenges, guides, inspires, he has a deep understand what a fast growth business needs to do to engage and motivate its people.

Whist working with John can at times be uncomfortable for all concerned his passion for his clients success and the outcome is positive experience for all. 

David Pollock, Chief Executive - Chess Telecom