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Beware of the Cultural Assassin on the business growth journey

It is fair to state that not everyone in the business will share your ambition for the organisation, particularly at the beginning of the journey when you announce your new and exciting plans for growth. Growth and change are inextricably linked. You cannot have one without the other and for every individual who responds positively to the planned new destination for the business, some will not. A poor attitude to work, previous baggage from another company or a lack of respect for the organisation and everything it stands for can contribute to the one person you don’t want on the [...]

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The Cultural Architect – a new 21st century leader on the business growth journey

Leaders ‘exist at the top’ in most organisations. Generally speaking they are classed as senior managers and because of their status or seniority are often viewed as the natural leaders in the organisation. However, in fast-growing organisations leaders emerge at other levels in the organisation. Some are middle or junior managers. Some are not. We call them Cultural Architects – leaders without authority. Cultural Architects are outstanding individuals who influence, motivate and engage other colleagues on a daily basis. Their major drive is to excel on a personal level, do a good job and ensure that your company continues to [...]

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