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‘House of Lies’ puts the consultancy world in the spotlight

Do you know that the dark comedy ‘House of Lies’ is due to premiere on Sky TV on the 2nd October? Based on the bestselling book ‘How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell the Time’ – the series is A MUST SEE for business leaders not to mention anyone operating in the business consultancy or advisory world. SKY advertises the series focusing on the ‘con’ in consulting. Consultants across the country should take note. Many of them are about to be found out. If the series is as good as the book it will be fascinating to watch. Although a comedy, [...]

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What do companies look for from consultants?

New figures from the Chartered Management Institute show that nearly 300,000 managers – almost one in ten – walked away from their jobs in the 12 months to September 2011. The record figure, reported in the National Management Salary Survey 2012, was more than twice as many as the year before. That level of departure is indicative of a disillusioned workforce, and a challenging workplace. At first sight, it seems depressing. But with a coaching hat on, there is a positive spin to be put on this. A significantly high percentage of those leaving will be looking for a career [...]

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How to choose the right training, consultancy or coaching franchise

The latest survey from NatWest and the British Franchise Association paints a healthy picture of the franchise industry. While UK GDP grew less than one per cent in 2011, the franchise industry, it reports, increased economic contribution by eight per cent, with nine out of ten franchises posting a profit over the year. While this is welcome news, the picture is not so clear-cut across all pockets of the franchising sector. The world of training and consultancy The world of training and consultancy in which we operate is going through challenging times. Organisations have cut back and are using fewer [...]

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Tips for the perfect management away day

You may have seen the recent press about 12 of the Lloyds senior management team attending a break at Champneys. The break included advice on anti-ageing, and the skills needed to be alpha males and females. For those of you who missed it, you can imagine the vitriolic relish with which this “bankers’ bash” was reported. The management away day forms a large part of our business, and clearly I am a fan. I am not, however, a fan of gimmicky team events like building rafts or blindfold tests, (or anti-ageing sessions for that matter). A few years ago I once [...]

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The challenge of change in a growing organisation

The role of the consultant in a fast growing organisation is often focused on working with business leaders to facilitate change. On the business growth journey, growth and change are inextricably linked. You cant have one without the other. Performance consultants recognise this and most of their time is spent inspiring others to feel confident about change in the workplace. Why? because people react badly to change. This is nothing new. The mere mention of change in an organisation can cause instant negativity, bringing a wave of counter-productivity in its wake. Removing the word ‘change’ from your vocabulary and replacing it [...]

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Coaching and the link with downsizing

Hiding among the management echelons of many companies lurk employees who have lost their way. The reduced job pool caused by the recession has left dissatisfied employees in some organisations riding out the downturn in their current roles, preventing businesses from performing at their best. No organisation can afford to carry people who aren’t committed to business growth, and this can often mean shedding employees.  Reports in the press indicate that many HR professionals are planning to reduce their head count this year. But weeding out the less motivated workforce, who may be affecting the successful staff, doesn’t have to be a [...]

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Do you fancy a career as a consultant?

Outside of my role in building the winning formula business, I’m often asked what it’s like to be a self-employed consultant by people thinking of starting out on their own. How do I manage my time, and what do I do when? And how do I decide what to charge? The answer to all three questions is balance. My consultancy role splits into three parts. Delivering workshops, events and supporting clients with leadership coaching takes up half my time. That leaves one quarter for networking, attending shows, business development activities and finding prospective clients, and the final quarter for creativity, [...]

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When is a bonus fair?

I have been put in the surprising position (to some people) of defending Stephen Hester at RBS. Everyone I have met recently has an opinion on him, and if we are to believe reports in the tabloid press he has very few fans with banks enjoying little sympathy for their current plight. I am however sympathetic to Hester. I think he is doing a great job, and more importantly I think he should have had his bonus. To me, it all boils down to fairness and ethics. When I am working with a client, at some point discussions turn to performance, pay, bonus and reward, and how [...]

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New Year, new start – looking to jump ship?

Christmas is a fast fading memory, the turkey leftovers are long gone, and already New Year’s resolutions have been broken (if yours have, you’re not alone. Studies show that 25 per cent of resolutions are broken within the first week). But aside from broken promises, January brings a time for self-assessment – and not just the HMRC variety – for many of us. Having had time to dwell on frustrations at lack of prospects, boredom in unfulfilled roles or even an untimely redundancy, it’s small wonder that come January, many of us think it’s time for change. For people looking [...]

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Training in a Downturn – Luxury or Lifeline?

CIPD research recently revealed organisations have cut training budgets by an average of 52 per cent. And this at a time when many employees will jump ship if they get a better offer elsewhere. Therein lies the rub; no business with aspirations to grow can afford to lose good staff, nor can it afford to invest heavily in training.

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