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A safe strategy for teambuilding in the workplace

Effective teambuilding and team-working are vitally important to the success of any organisation on the business growth journey. In today’s competitive marketplace team-working creates business development momentum, increases personal contribution and accelerates growth. Team-working also enables a greater ‘sense of purpose’ to be achieved when facing challenges on the growth journey. Teambuilding describes the process of improving team performance by developing the team-working skills of individuals in the team. The teambuilding function is normally carried out by the team leader. The aim of teambuilding (and of the team leader) is to help people who work together to function more effectively [...]

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How to develop a high-performing culture in a growing organisation

Think of any successful organisation and you will find that ‘high-performance working’ is central to its success. Their achievements will not have happened by accident. Throughout every layer of the organisation you will experience a different attitude and approach to work than that found in organisations which struggle to survive. High-performance working relates directly to the achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives. There are many examples of the most talented individuals and organisations achieving results beyond their expectations because of their focus on performance. High-performance working helps to achieve competitive advantage in many business sectors. It also contributes to [...]

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The difference between a goal and an objective

Goals and objectives are very much part of the language of work. They are critical to organisational success. Without them your company would lack direction and focus. This would impact on the performance of everyone connected with the business. They form part of the appraisal and performance-review process in most organisations. Goals and objectives are important to employees. Their training, development, support and future career prospects can be dependent on them. Goals and objectives impact on morale and overall job satisfaction. In the workplace, it is easy to confuse the words ‘goals’ with ‘objectives’. There is a difference and recognising [...]

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The twelve causes of conflict in the workplace

One of the most important development areas requested by managers in our client coaching sessions is managing conflict in the workplace. It’s not difficult to understand the reasons for this, as all managers at some time in their career will be required to handle and manage conflict issues linked to individuals and teams. Managing conflict in the workplace is considered nowadays an important core skill of the high-performing manager. Understanding the causes and the reasons why conflict exists is vitally important to being successful in the role. Conflicts are part of normal everyday life; too few, and life is boring, [...]

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Inter-departmental working – the business ‘silent-killer’

Ambitious leaders understand that business growth is impossible to achieve on the journey without personal growth for the many employees expected to deliver performance on a daily basis. As sales and profits increase, so does the standards of knowledge, skill and competence linked to every role in the workplace. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, high performance working has become a cultural expectation within any fast growing organisation. Linking high performance working to achieving operational efficiency is also a primary requirement of leaders and their teams in any successful growing company. But it isn’t easy to realise and one of the [...]

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Coaching in the workplace

The purpose of coaching is to help people change. In the work situation this is usually about improving performance. Beyond work it includes career and personal development and helping somebody make significant life changes. Real change is difficult for most people so the coach has a crucial but difficult role to fulfill. In this blog article we will look at different types of coaching, the skills and qualities required by the coach and the difference between directive and non-directive coaching. Types of coaching The most common types of coaching include: Executive coaching, which is targeted at developing those at the [...]

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How to build effective relationships with others at a distance

One of the most demanding and difficult aspects of a distance manager’s job is successfully managing relationships. It is this more than anything else that determines success or failure for organisations, yet it is frequently neglected or poorly handled. Managing at a distance greatly intensifies the problem because relationships have to be formed and nurtured on much less contact than if staff are co-located. Below are some ideas on how to build effective relationships despite the distance.   1. Management style Do you spend more time on the technical and task elements of your job than on ‘people’ matters? If the [...]

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How to maintain a team identity in a virtual team

Virtual teams are split by distance. Parts of the team are located on different sites in various parts of the country (or countries). Therefore loyalty and commitment is often to the site team and not to the bigger team. This can be to the detriment to the overall team performance – often resources and best practice are not shared, there is petty rivalry between sites and the “big picture” relating to what the team is in existence to achieve is not understood. This situation creates a big challenge for the virtual manager. To maintain a team identity in a virtual [...]

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How to manage a virtual team

The world of work is constantly changing and the need to manage people at a distance is becoming more of a reality for the majority of organisations and their managers. Globalisation, rationalisation of manufacturing sites, delayering and downsizing, the desire to be located close to the customer base, the growth in home working and flexible working patterns and the increasing sophistication of communication technology has lead to situations where more and more managers and their teams are no longer co-located. This has tremendous implications for managers who are now expected to lead people they seldom meet face-to-face. The challenges facing [...]

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The role of the high performing Chief Executive Officer

Our winning (formula)® framework is designed to enable high performing leaders to create high performing organisations managed by high performing managers supported by high performing employees. When we meet clients for the first time and talk about our mission we are often asked ‘where do you start?’ The answer is always the same. We begin with the leader at the top of the organisation. We have been fortunate over the years to work with some of the best leaders in the country – each of them bringing something unique to the business world – and in particular watch up-close the important contribution [...]

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