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Great Founders – Lessons learned from Mark Boddington of Silverlining Furniture

Mark Boddington is the founder and driving force behind Silverlining – the world’s leading luxury furniture making brand. You may not have heard of Silverlining – don’t be disappointed if you haven’t – their unique design and build proposition is rarely if ever purchased by anyone other than the super-rich. Their world-wide customer base is confidential – many of their clients have been with them for a decade and more – and includes billionaire entrepreneurs, Russian oligarchs, financiers and royalty. You are likely to come into contact with a bespoke piece of Silverlining furniture in a private residence, super yacht, embassy or [...]

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The role of the high performing Chief Executive Officer

Our winning (formula)® framework is designed to enable high performing leaders to create high performing organisations managed by high performing managers supported by high performing employees. When we meet clients for the first time and talk about our mission we are often asked ‘where do you start?’ The answer is always the same. We begin with the leader at the top of the organisation. We have been fortunate over the years to work with some of the best leaders in the country – each of them bringing something unique to the business world – and in particular watch up-close the important contribution [...]

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Business growth journey update – Chess Telecom

Everyone I meet at the moment is in a great mood and keen to share good news. Is is because of the feel good factor created by the London 2012 Games and the performance of our athletes? I’m not sure. It’s great nevertheless and long may it continue. We have received feedback recently from many people requesting articles about successful clients – current and past - in the UK. We invited a few to supply an article on their progress to date and what the future will look like for them. Following on from our first blog article featuring a performance update from one of our favourite companies, [...]

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Business growth journey update – gap personnel

I have been asked recently by a number of business leaders about the success of companies we have worked with in the past and are currently working with at present. There is so much profile information available on the web these days - business success is an industry in its own right – why do people want more? Well one of the main reasons is that information has more meaning to us when we can identify with the leader and the company in our own backyard. Also ambitious leaders want to know - how do others manage to grow? We invited a number of our favourite companies to produce a [...]

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Everyone dreams of being part of a growing business

Every Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Managing Director and Owner Manager I have ever met, dreams of building a successful and growing organisation. As business leaders they rarely think of, or consider the prospect of failure. Likewise, employees dream of being part of a successful and growing organisation. No one nowadays wants to work for, or be part of, a failing business. Success and growth are the biggest discussion areas in any boardroom, in any company, anywhere on the planet. In today’s highly competitive world, the cost of failure is high, but the benefits associated with success can [...]

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Stage 1 of the London 2012 Olympic journey – what’s in it for me?

The Olympic torch has arrived in the UK, and Olympic fever is starting to take hold in Britain. The journey that began in 2003 with the formation of the bid team is drawing ever closer to its destination – London 2012. Judging by the rapturous reception each torchbearer meets, it is going to be a huge success. But that has not happened by chance. Clients and supporters of the winning formula will know that there are six stages – areas of leadership and people focus  – that help everyone connected with an ambitious organisation , whatever the journey, arrive at [...]

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Are leaders great enough to need help?

The “ Business In You” campaign, recently launched by David Cameron and Start up Britain is well intentioned, and is backed by senior industry figures who will provide first hand advice in case study form. That in itself will be of enormous value. But I think that the concept behind the programme, that everyone has a business in them, is slightly skewed. Everyone has a business idea in them. Executing it is a different matter. To be passionate about an idea is one thing. To be motivated enough to turn it into a realistic business proposition is quite another. The [...]

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New Year, new start – looking to jump ship?

Christmas is a fast fading memory, the turkey leftovers are long gone, and already New Year’s resolutions have been broken (if yours have, you’re not alone. Studies show that 25 per cent of resolutions are broken within the first week). But aside from broken promises, January brings a time for self-assessment – and not just the HMRC variety – for many of us. Having had time to dwell on frustrations at lack of prospects, boredom in unfulfilled roles or even an untimely redundancy, it’s small wonder that come January, many of us think it’s time for change. For people looking [...]

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