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Set in Ancient Egypt, ‘Old World, New World and the Real World’ is a metaphor linking the story of a Pharaoh’s Pyramid building journey to the six stages of the business growth journey faced by leaders in organisations today.

The story describes the ‘human performance’ challenges and obstacles faced by the Pharaoh and his senior team as they work towards the achievement of their ‘Vision’. Leadership lessons are learned along the way linked to business strategy, high performance working, employee engagement, people motivation, excellence, innovation, learning and ownership as the Pharaoh prepares himself for entry to the ‘New World’.

The book demonstrates how to align organisational strategy to the day to day performance of everyone connected with your business.

‘Real World’ also demonstrates how accelerated growth, momentum and success can be achieved by applying the winning (formula)® approach to delivering growth on the journey

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'The Real World' demonstrates to business leaders how to...
  • Identify the potential barriers to success on their growth journey
  • Produce a blueprint for success to keep their people on track on the journey
  • Enlist support from others to their ambitious plans for growth
  • Overcome the challenges likely to be faced on the journey
  • Create a culture of high performance working throughout their business
  • Increase standards of performance throughout their organisation
  • Energise others to meet their goals and objectives 
  • Retain and maximise talent which exists within their organisation
  • Execute their strategy and build a sustainable business

To the Business Leader of today,' Real World' demonstrates an indepth understanding of what to expect on the business growth journey. It also demonstrates how to enlist and sustain support from others to the organisation’s plans for growth and at the same time create a performance culture where every employee actively plays their part in the company’s future success.

More importantly, Real World demonstrates ‘how to execute the strategy for the organisation, build a sustainable business  and deliver spectacular growth results in half the time.

John Stein’s tried and tested winning (formula)® approach to ‘Business Growth’ has been woven into the storyline. Unique in terms of writing style, format and content, ‘Real World’ is written for every single person connected with a growing organisation whether they are a business leader, employee, supplier, partner or stakeholder.

It highlights the critical events and milestones throughout the journey and the personal contribution expected to ensure future and long lasting success for the organisation.

‘Old World, New World and the Real World’

Personnel Today magazine compared it to the Book of Five Rings, the best selling Japanese strategy book by Musashi Miyamoto. They also reported ‘If you love Who moved my Cheese? or The One Minute Manager series then you’ll enjoy this book.”


‘The Real World’ is unique in terms of style, format and content.
It is the first ‘business growth’ book in the UK to be written for every single employee in a fast growing dynamic organisation.

‘Real World’ is for anyone connected with an ambitious organisation whether they are a business leader, employee, stakeholder or supplier.  It highlights what it could be like on the journey and the benefits of using the winning formula.

Personnel Today magazine compared it to the Book of Five Rings, the best selling Japanese strategy book by Musashi Miyamoto. They also reported ‘If you love Who moved my Cheese? or The One Minute Manager series then you’ll enjoy this book.”

Several clients have made the book mandatory reading for employees in their organisation. Why not share the ‘real world’ experience with them? Send a copy to your suppliers or better still to your customers. Many clients have already done so resulting in a greater understanding and commitment to the future plans for their organisation.

Client Feedback

“Old World, New World and the Real World breaks the potentially complex challenges of business growth into manageable chunks. The value of the book is in translating experience and common sense into a practical formula. It is of particular relevance to growing businesses where rapid change and day-to-day pressures give potential to lose sight of fundamental objectives. This book offers a simple, systematic approach which, if followed diligently, will help you keep your feet on the ground and put the basic building blocks firmly in place - and to do so both more quickly and effectively than doing it yourself.”

Mike McCorkell,
Director - Alcontrol Laboratories

“Real World” is an inspiring and stimulating account demonstrating collective achievement and success through implementing and utilising motivation, leadership and engagement techniques.

It focuses on the success that can be achieved in the modern business environment and demonstrates how these proven principles can work to maximise efficiency as well as organisational and personal growth.“

Jackie Neal,
Director - Wa2 Marketing

“Following the process of a pyramid’s construction through the story, it is easy to relate the different stages to the way in which a company can embark on a new journey and move forwards growing together to become stronger and more successful.

 I read this book from start to finish in one day and I was amazed, an absolutely FANTASTIC BOOK and I would recommend it to anyone. A complete eye opener and truly inspiring, an essential tool for every businesses success.”

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