Attending a personal time management seminar is only part of the solution

Maximising use of time in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders, managers and their teams in any growing organisation.

Time is our most important asset and we all agree that we would dearly love to have more of it.

Poor time management impacts on every aspect of our working lives and contributes to lower productivity, efficiency and morale. But it doesn’t need to be like this.

Time management means different things to different people.

To some, it refers to a range of skills, tools, approaches and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals. To others it’s simple – “the management of time in order to make the most of it.”

I believe that time management is more than just the implementation of tools, techniques or a proven system. We all know someone who has attended a development workshop covering the topic and although they return to the workplace full of enthusiasm to put in place their newly learned tips, over time they nearly always revert back to their old ways of working.

Attending a time management seminar is only part of the solution.

For time management to consistently work in any workplace, changing how we think about time, taking responsibility for our personal behaviour and understanding the impact that we have on others is more important.

Developing leaders and managers at the exclusion of others will never solve the ‘riddle of time’, yet this approach is widely used by companies up and down the country.

Time management is all about self-management and self awareness.

More importantly, improving time management in the organisation can only be achieved by involving everyone connected with the business in the development process.

Time management is also more than just a personal development topic. It is a culture issue and can only be addressed by changing the ‘mindset and attitude’ towards time of everyone in the business.

And it’s not as difficult as you may think to improve dramatically the majority of time issues facing you and your colleagues in the workplace.

A practical solution to time management

Over the years we have delivered many company-wide time management workshops – lasting less than a couple of hours per session – involving the total workforce.

Inviting groups of employees to identify and resolve time management issues in the workplace is a topic so dear to their hearts that in our experience 80% of the problems facing organisations are always solved on the day of the session.

Why is this? Because having groups collectively working on solving the problem of time highlights to them their own responsibility towards the overall solution.

Typical feedback received at the group sessions Include “We can all make a difference”, “The solution is in our hands” and “I see now how much I waste other people’s time.”

Running the session involves inviting your employees to answer three key questions

  1.  What are the top ten time-wasters in the organisation? Feedback received could include the way meetings are carried out, interruptions by others or perhaps a specific ‘way of working’ within the organisation
  2. How could each of the time waster issues be improved? There will be a mixture of responses, some of which can only addressed by the leadership team, but under direction, other employees can still play a significant role in the improvement process.
  3. What could their personal contribution be towards addressing the time waster issue?

Our clients were always amazed by their employees understanding of the time issues and their ability to come up with practical, working solutions which then made a difference to their performance in the workplace.

They often suggest potential improvements to current systems, processes and procedures within the organisation. This should be encouraged.

Time management and operational efficiency are inextricably linked. Understanding efficiency and the contribution expected of everyone is critical to success for the organisation on the business growth journey.

Best wishes on your business growth journey, wherever it may take you.

John Stein – Founder of the winning (formula)®


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